Words of Greeting

Altbischof Wilhelm Schraml

Dear Visitor,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the homepage of Pope Benedict House, the birthplace of Pope em. Benedict XVI. 16th April 1927 was the beginning of a life story deeply affecting us all.

The Pope Benedict Birthplace Trust bought this house and redesigned the rooms into something more than a museum, into a meeting-place. The house not only makes the biography of Benedict XVI. accessible but also enables you to experience the sublime meaning hidden behind all the historical facts. By this I mean that the young Joseph Ratzinger and his brother and sisters experienced parents with a deep belief, who were a witness to personal faith for their children and lived the faith with them in a living way, so that church and faith became a home for the whole Ratzinger family. I mean also the theological significance of baptism. Our Holy Father clearly emphasised this when he intentionally visited the baptismal font in the Parish Church of St Oswald on 11th September 2006 and stood before it in prayer with his brother.

During his visit to Marktl the Holy Father wrote in the Goldenes Buch, the official guestbook: “God bless this place so dear to me.” May your visit to the birthplace, the baptismal font and the meeting-place inspire you to reflect upon the places dear to you and which mean so much to you.

Bishop emeritus
Wilhelm Schraml